10 Things You NEED to Know About Being Your Own Boss

Building a business takes time and effort. Here are 10 thing you need to know to be successful. These 10 tips come from a Youtube post by Trey Bearor. I expanded on each point based on hours of personal development that I have personally done.

  1. Have a 3-5 year plan. So many people give up after 3 -5 months. It is impossible to see a companies true potential in that short amount of time.
  2. You are going to fail more than you succeed. It is called failing forward. Read the book by John C. Maxwell to learn how why failing is essential to succeeding.
  3. Listen, read or watch personal development every day! Darrendaily.com has a 5 minute daily pep talk. I highly suggest you subscribe to this free service. I also love Entrepreneur on fire. Amazing!
  4. Brand yourself. Not your product. People buy you not the company. Take a clear stand for who you are and attract those like you.
  5. Your are responsible for your own success. Not your upline and not your sponsor. I hate to break the bad news to you, but it relies 100 percent on you to succeed.
  6. Youtube and Google are your personal sponsors. They are unlimited resources where you can learn ANYTHING!
  7. Social media is an unlimited resource. There are billions of people out there needing what you have to offer. Quit worrying about your local market and get online.
  8. Be a farmer, not a shark. Plant seeds that will eventually grow. Don’t attack your market with your “fabulous” product that everyone must have. This goes back to # 4!
  9. Time is money. Buckle down and focus. Pick 3-5 things each day that has to get done. Focus on the things that will grow your business and remove the fluff.
  10. Be willing to put up listening to disbelievers for the next 3-5 years. It will be worth it in the end when you are living your dream.

You can rock your business no matter what it is! Remember YOU are the CEO. You can do it. If you would like to learn more about what I do as a coach feel free to check it out or contact me for details!

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