10 Tips to Staying on Track While Eating Out

1) Do your research before you head to the restaurant. Look at the nutritional facts and have in mind what you will order.

2) On the menu, look for foods that are “grilled”, “baked”, “broiled”, or “steamed”. Avoid foods that are “fried”, “creamy”, “breaded”, or “sautéed”.

3) Split an entree with someone, order an appetizer instead of an entree or order from the kid’s menu to downsize the portions.

4)Skip the bread or chip basket or take a small portion and put the rest out of reach.

5) Skip dessert, share a dessert or order a bite size version.

6) Watch the condiments. Most are loaded with fat, sugar and calories.

7) Order a half-order instead of a full order of your favorite dish or have them box up half right away for later.

8) Look for dishes that have vegetables or lean meats as the main part.

9) Drink water instead of soda or another sugar loaded beverage.

10) Order a side salad or vegetables instead of fries.

If you decide to splurge and enjoy your favorite meal then enjoy it! Savor every moment of it. One meal won’t make you fat, skinny, healthy, or unhealthy.

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