21 Days Can Change Your Life

1 habit at a time. 1 day at a time. HUGE changes.

For anyone who has read the compound effect you know the power behind these words.

One of my biggest takeaways from being a coach this last year is that too many changes at once are NOT sustainable.

Think about your business or your health. What is your biggest hurdle? Too much sugar (me), not enough exercise, love fast food, too afraid to carry out some aspect of your business, lack of confidence, ….etc….

Now take that habit and for the next 21 days (feel free to start on Monday Lol!) and work on conquering JUST that ONE habit everyday for 21 days.

If you do this every 21 days you will have conquered 16 bad habits during the year.

I plan to pick one health and one work related habit every 21 days and I intend to do this with my challengers as well.

What habit will you start with? COMMENT below.

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