3 Easy Tips to Eat Right at the Fair

Awe the state fair. Corndogs, mini doughnuts, cotton candy, and lets not forget that pork on as stick. You can easily slam down several calories without even realizing it. Is it worth it? It may seem so at the time, but later you will have serious regrets as you are bloated and busting your hump at the gym. There is a way to avoid going overboard, but still having a good time.

Tip #1 Eat before you go

Before you leave have something like a salad, a wrap or light sandwich. Maybe even add in a side of fruit to feed those sugar cravings. Now when you get to the fair you wont go crazy eating every tempting fried food that comes your way because you are starving.

Tip #2 Keep a bottle of water with you

This can eliminate so many calories and I mean so many! Plus, when you are hydrated you wont be as hungry, wont get dehydrated and it will help eliminate the high caloric drinks. If you do decide to go for a sugary beverage or beer, enjoy one and go back to the water. Your body will do so much better and you can eliminate so MUCH regret, while still having a good time.

Tip #3 Plan ahead for what you really want

Go for the food you really want, cant get at home and crave all year. Mine is kettle corn! There is nothing like that sweet and salty taste in my book and there is nothing like getting this treat at the fair. By planning ahead you will not waste precious calories on some mediocre hotdog that you can get anytime, anywhere. This will make it a special treat and wont give you that disgusting feeling in your stomach from overeating greasy  junk food.

The worst choices:

Funnel cake: 760 calories Fat  44

Breaded cheese curds: calories 670 Fat 38

Cheesecake on a stick: calories: 655 Fat grams: 47

Giant turkey leg: 1,136 calories 54 g fat

Here are some better choices:

Corn on the cob (with butter topping):155 calories and 3 grams of fat.

Caramel Apple: 300 calories Fat 5

Kettle corn (3 cups): 200 calories

Cotton candy: 170 calories per serving

Now that you have the facts and a plan, you can go out and enjoy the fair and still have some amazing treats!

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