3 Steps to Lose Weight Permanently

Your mindset makes all the difference

Most of us get fed up at some point and become almost desperate to take the weight off immediately. But this is not the answer if you want to maintain the weight loss for years to come.

On of the biggest key factors when it comes to taking weight of is our mindset. But so many of us confuse what it means to have the right mindset and lasting weight loss. While it is crucial to have the right mindset it still doesn’t mean it should happen overnight, just because your “mind” is ready. This may help lead to weight loss, yes, but it rarely will be permanent.

Have a balanced view

A healthy, BALANCED outlook is the MOST important secret to success. But yet it is the most difficult part of losing weight. We just want it off now!

Getting our mindset in the right place is important¬†for sure, but it will, and should still take awhile. Don’t be afraid to start though. We all have to start somewhere. Just remember it will not happen in a week, not 21 days, not 30, etc….. Just because you lose 20 pounds doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. That is when most of us think we are experts, but in reality we our just starting to learn.

That is enough time to get the habit STARTED, but at that point your are still a novice. To become an expert it can take YEARS! So if it feels like your goals are not unattainable just know that if you STICK with it, it WILL get easier and you will become a pro.

Steps to lasting weight loss:

  1. Just start somewhere. Find a plan that fits your lifestyle and just start. You do not have to have all figured out to start so don’t wait.
  2. Take baby steps and make small adjustments. Keeping a journal is crucial during the beginning months and really should remain part of your daily routine, even after you lose the weight.
  3. Continually tweak what you are doing until you start to see results.

Just like starting a new sport…you need the right equipment, a supportive team, and the desire to learn the sport enough to win.

How is YOUR mindset?

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