3 Steps to Play the Hunger Game and Lose Weight Naturally

Do you know the difference between emotional hunger vs. physical hunger and does it really matter?

Yes! When we eat out of emotion we are letting food control us. When we eat out of physical hunger we are learning to listen to our bodies. At some point, we need to quit being a slave to food and take control.

By taking control we start to naturally lose weight because we are no longer eating too much or when we are not actually hungry. While it is important to eat a well balanced, healthy diet, this method allows us the freedom of not being “perfect” or by overthinking everything we eat.

How can you do it?

Learn to play the Hunger Game by playing be these three rules:

  1. Be the last one at the table to finish your meal.
  2. Check in with yourself through the meal. Stop, pause, breath… This is the only way to know how full you truly are. Remember the goal is to be satisfied, not full!
  3. Signal that you are done with your meal by covering your plate with a napkin, boxing up or putting away any leftovers or by having some fresh fruit to end the meal.

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