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5 Easy Ways to Start Eating Clean

Changing the way we eat does not need to be overly complicated. Eating healthy is all about balance and not deprivation. By incorporating some of the healthy tips into your life you will find that you will naturally start to gravitate towards healthier food.

What should you eat?

The goal is to eat foods that are not processed and that don’t include refined sugar, additives and so on.

How to make the right selection:

  • Stick to whole foods as much as possible
    • This is food that has not been processed in any way.
      • If you have to open the package or order it at a window it probably is NOT a whole food
      • Think in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Make the best decision with prepackaged foods
    • Does it have a label? That means it is processed.
      • The fewer ingredients the better
      • If you can’t pronounce and ingredient it most likely not a good option
  • Take refined sugars out of the equation
    • These are empty calories and should not be part of a healthy diet.
      • Great alternatives would be 100% raw honey, maple syrup and raw leaf stevia
  • Cook at home
    • Slice, dice and chop away! Food should be prepared from its whole state and not come from a package.
      • Make it a goal to cook home prepared meals the majority of the week. The more you do it the quicker it will become a habit
  • Eat well-balanced meals
    • Meals need to be well balanced in order to provide you with the proper nutrition and keep you satisfied.
      • Each meal should include healthy fats, protein, and a healthy starch
      • Load up on vegetables and make sure to include fruit in your diet

Advantages of a healthy diet:

  • You will not only look good, you will FEEL good
  • Your body will work better which helps with your digestion and energy levels
  • When you are conscious of your diet you will be more conscious of everything else in your life
  • Your skin will be clearer and your completion brighter
  • Reduce the risk of several diseases
  • Ensures you are getting proper essential nutrients
  • Help reduce cravings and keeps you satisfied

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