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5 Ways to Finally Shed that Unwanted Weight

I get so many questions about how to make a diet work, so I decided to share some tips to break through these common issues. None of us are perfect, including me. However, I have seen so many women succeed by being willing to change it up a bit when it comes to the issues below.

We need to break free from the madness and finally see LASTING results. I am actually not a huge fan of “diets” but more for the lifestyle change. However, if you are like me, you need guidance and this is what diets can do for us. It gives us some sort of direction. The key is to now let it control you and to a adjust it to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  1. Food Boredom. Whatever eating plan you follow you need to mix it up! Eating the same thing day after day won’t lead to lasting success. If you are truly serious about your new lifestyle change, try at least one new recipe every week. In no time at all you will have a pile of new options when you head to the kitchen.
  2. Trying the same diet, again and again. Have you done the same diet several times and yet have never reached or sustained your goal? This may not be the right plan for you. Consider changing it up. Doing the same thing again and again without seeing the results we desire is madness. I know myself that it is easy to do what I know best but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for me or you.
  3. Filler foods. These are the “free” foods on your plan. What I mean by free is that you can have all you want or almost all you want. Sometimes these foods are healthy and sometimes they are not. About 8 years ago I was on a plan and I was “allowed” to eat sugar free food. So what did I do? I lived off of sugar free jello and other fake sugar items. This wasn’t teaching me to pay attention to my hunger signals, it wasn’t healthy for my body and I wasn’t able to sustain the weight loss.
  4. Quitting because it seems to hard. Is there something about your plan that just seems way too hard? Most programs are going to take an adjustment. That is just the way it is. So take the parts that aren’t realistic to your lifestyle and adjust them. But quitting solves nothing. I have quit so many plans within the first couple of days or weeks because it seemed to hard. We need time to adjust, time to form new habits and of course, time to adjust the program to fit into our life. Give yourself the gift of time and the gift of not being perfect.
  5. Making a goal to easy. Let’s say you want to shed 20 pounds. You decide that you are okay with losing it slowly, maybe 1 pound a month or so. Great plan. However, do you make the goal so easy that you don’t really end up needing to put much effort into reaching it? I have done this and it fails every time. Now I make the goal a bit more aggressive but am okay with the lesser goal. Try this: set a small, medium and lofty goal for the week or month, etc. Aim for the lofty goal, cheer at the medium, and feel satisfied with the lesser.

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