5 Things you Must Stop Doing to Lose Weight

Many of are constantly trying to lose the same 10 pounds and are feeling frustrated! I know personally for myself I kept going about it all wrong. I was being too strict and unreasonable when it comes to my goals. It took taking a step back and viewing things differently to finally start to see results.

Join me for the next 5 days as we tackle these pesky tendencies and learn practical tips to avoid them.

Here are 5 things you need to stop doing if you want to break through the Weight Loss Resistance and finally start seeing results.

  1. Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals
  2. Stop the Labels
  3. Stop the Comparison Blues
  4. Stop thinking it is just about the food
  5. Stop using Quick Fixes

Setting Unrealistic Goals

How many times have you set goals for yourself that you simply couldn’t achieve? While there are many factors in this, chances are that for your weight loss goals, you’ve set some unrealistic expectations for yourself.

Setting unrealistic goals is one of the main reasons why so many women fail in trying to lose weight. If you expect results that are too far-fetched this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated or frustrated. Setting you up for failure. Setting goals of losing 10kg/20lbs in the next 30 days isn’t realistic unless you intend to go vegan and exercise like crazy.

It’s time to set yourself realistic, short-term goals that motivate you and push you out of your comfort zone. Goals that are unrelated to weight loss have the highest success rates.

Think of goals such as:

  • Eating more green vegetables each day
  • Going vegetarian 5 days a week
  • Adding in a weights routine to your exercise plan
  • Drinking less alcohol and more filtered water

These goals are far easier to achieve and don’t put pressure on weight loss as the focus, your actions.

Stop The Labels

Do you find yourself “dieting” or perhaps giving your diet a name? Did you know that this could be inhibiting your weight loss goals? Instead of putting a label on yourself, your diet or your weight-loss plans, try instead to focus on whole foods that are nourishing and make you feel good.

If you constantly put a label on your way of eating such as, like paleo, sugar-free, gluten-free or vegan, you set yourself up for misery should you accidentally eat foods not specified in your labeled diet. This can create feelings of guilt – certainly not helpful when trying to lose weight.

Instead, opt for a more “flexitarian” approach to your diet and simply choose to eat more fresh leafy vegetables or a cleaner diet. If you accidentally or decide to have a piece of cake that you normally wouldn’t, it’s ok. Acknowledge that the food choice wasn’t ideal for you and your body or weight loss plans and decide next time to eat something far healthier or nutritious.

Do you have a ‘label’ you want to ditch today? Ready to become a flexitarian?

Comparison Blues

Do you compare yourself to other women? We all do right? Well, this subtle little act we do as women needs to stop! This is not only holding you back from losing weight but can also cause you to feel frustrated and insecure.

What we don’t realize is that we are all different – AND THIS IS A GOOD THING!

When trying to lose weight or maybe even just get healthier – it’s important to just focus on yourself only as a motivation. We tend to only compare ourselves to women who appear to have the “perfect” body or the “perfect” skin. What we fail to realize is that there is no such thing as perfect, because we are all perfectly unique.

Instead of comparison thoughts, switch your thinking over to how it feels to feel lighter and more toned. Visualize yourself with less weight, more muscle or clearer skin. This motivates you without creating self-doubt or making you question why you can´t look like others. Remember that everyone’s body type is unique and your ideal weight will be different to the woman standing next to you.

What does your ideal body look like? How do you see yourself?

It’s not just about food

Losing weight is about so much more than just what you eat. You can eat all the kale in the world but if you are not nourishing yourself on an emotional or even spiritual level, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

It’s time to think of how your personal life, your work life, and even your spiritual life can improve your overall wellness. By creating a healthier life without focusing on food, your body becomes nourished on a deeper level, allowing you space to breathe and feel joy.

What makes you feel good that isn’t food related? Always remember to be kind and loving to yourself and make self-care a necessity, not an after-thought. Try to improve your overall well-being and happiness by not making weight loss or food your ultimate goal.

Weight loss can be a natural bi-product of increasing your overall life quality and taking care of yourself. Are you happy? Do you have joy in your life? Share with us your healthy habits in life that can contribute to your weight loss that isn’t food related…

 Stop using quick fixes

“One pill a day and the fat melts away…”

When it comes to sustainable and healthy weight loss there are most certainly NO quick fixes. A good healthy weight or even a healthy weight loss does not happen overnight (and shouldn’t).

Do you find yourself using quick fixes such as rapid detox, restrictive diets, pills or even shakes as a way to lose those stubborn pounds/kilo’s? Well, it’s time to stop!

Using unsustainable programs for the sole purpose of weight loss (which promise you the world) will mean you´ll gain your weight back (or even more) once you’ve stopped using them. Quick fixes are by no means long term.

The healthier and more sustainable approach to weight loss is to incorporate healthier practices each and every day and make them habitual. Getting a support structure in place is far more productive and beneficial than spending the money on quick fixes.

Each woman is different which means that your own approach to weight loss isn’t a simple cookie cutter approach. To maximize long-term weight loss unique to you and your body, we need to look at your unique health situation: your family’s health history, your current lifestyle, your stress factors, your wheel of life… something a quick fix certainly won’t achieve!

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