6 EASY Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

In a world full of temptation and gimmick diets, it is very easy to stress ourselves out when it comes to eating right and exercising. Sometimes it can be so stressful that we just give up and decide it’s “too hard” and we quit trying. As we all know though, there are several reasons to keep trying. Our health depends on it!

Follow these 6 simple steps and take the pressure off of yourself:

Eat only when you are truly hungry.

I know this should go without saying, but often times we eat when we are bored, tired, or stressed and not really hungry. If you can evaluate your true degree of hunger and only eat when your body needs fuel, you will be able to eat what you want and maintain a healthy weight.

Try to eat healthy at least 80 percent of the time.

It is important to eat right in order to have a strong healthy body, but lets face it, the world around us can make it very difficult to do this. By allowing ourselves a little leeway for scrumptious mouth watering add-ons we are most likely going to succeed by not feeling deprived.

Don’t let one bad meal ruin the next.

One bad meal will not make you overweight, just as one bad meal will not cause health issues, but several bad meals and snacks will. There is nothing wrong with having special treats and meals on occasion. Just make sure to keep them “special” and not a regular part of your diet and don’t let them dictate what you eat for the rest day.

Remember to move every day.

Whether it’s a walk, a run, or a workout program. Just MOVE! Do you find yourself saying “I just am to busy to exercise”? We all have to time to exercise, we just have to change the way we look at it. It doesn’t need to be an hour or two at the gym. How about a brisk walk during your lunch break or how about taking the steps all day or parking further away from the store. The key is to get our heart rate up at least once during the day.

Drink water in between meals.

Not coffee, pop, sugary beverages, or energy drinks. Remembering to drink your water is only hard until it becomes a habit and it will become a habit. I promise!. My suggestion is to go out and buy a nice new water bottle and keep it with you all day. We all know that water helps keep us full, hydrated, and can actually help the urge to eat all of the time. So drink up!

Don’t overthink your next meal or snack.

It is JUST food. Yes, we need to eat healthy foods that energize our bodies, but at the end of the day calories in cannot exceed calories out. Food simply is fuel. So when you are hungry, eat what you want, went you want (but don’t forget rule #1!) and you’ll be fine.

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