9 Ways to Take Control Over Your Sugar Addiction

Trying to break the habit

The first habit I am working on breaking this year is my sugar habit. Once upon a time I had it under control, but it slowly crept back in and made my tendency to binge has reared it’s ugly face again. See I crave it so bad that I devour several doughnuts vowing to start over again tomorrow, Monday, next month, etc….

I honestly thought it would be easier to bust the habit. I mean I have done it before and I adjusted pretty well. But there I was at Starbucks the other day eyeing the bakery case. I stayed strong and didn’t get anything but even the lady behind the counter could see my brain contemplating it. She said “would you like something sweet to go with your  coffee?”. I said “no, thank you” but we could both tell I was not happy with my decision.

After leaving the coffee shop I walked by a cookie shop, chocolate shop and caribou. Each time slowly losing my resolve. I did stay strong. But when my sweet potato showed up with brown sugar on it later at the restaurant, ok, ok, I told her to put it on there, that is what I went for first on my plate.

The struggle is so real, but sugar is so harmful on the body and I am determined to get this horrible addiction under control.

Here are some of the reasons it is worth the struggle to overcome the addiction:
  • It includes zero essential vitamins
  • It is bad for your teeth
  • It can overload your liver
  • It can cause diseases
  • It you can put you at a much higher risk for cancer
  • It causes a release of dopamine making it HIGHLY addictive
  • It leads to obesity

Pretty convincing information to give it up! It is worth the adjustment to give it up and when we do have a bad day, we try again. Continue to work on eliminating it as much as possible from your diet. It will, I know from experience, get easier.

Here are some tips to help eliminate the addiction:
  1. Eat foods that are high in the mineral magnesium. Your body may be magnesium deficient causing the sugar cravings. You could also make sure you are getting enough zinc. This could also cause the cravings.
  2. Spice up your food with cinnamon (my personal fav to sweeten things up), nutmeg and cardamon. These spices are naturally sweet.
  3. Include extra-virgin coconut oil in your diet everyday to boost your metabolism and nourish your brain, which will help reduce cravings.
  4. Consume fermented foods and beverages since the sour will help reduce cravings.
  5. Include healthy fats with your meals to stay satisfied.
  6. Cut back on coffee, alcohol and processed foods.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Get enough sleep and exercise.
  9. Manage stress and emotions.

I am not saying it will be easy, obviously, but it is worth the effort to continue to eliminate sugar or give it up. I know we all can do it and overtime it become so much easier.

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