Are you in HEALTH Debt?

Do you over eat? Do you move your body enough to get your heart rate up each day?

If you are overeating and not moving you may be in HEALTH debt and this is not a debt any of us can afford. Gaining weight and being unhealthy can be like going into debt.

When you spend money you don’t have you eventually have to pay it back. It may even do permanent damage to your credit.

The same goes for our health. If we consume too many calories and slack on our exercise we gain weight, become exhausted and may develop health related diseases. We are in HEALTH debt. This sort of debt can cause us to be very unhealthy and can affect more then just our waistline. It can cause permanent damage to our health.

The same way we get out of debt financially is the same way we regain our health. One small change at a time. Slowly improve your diet and just start moving. You may not be able to erase all of the damage and it will take some time, but you WILL be able to drastically improve your health.

So the next time you are reaching for that cupcake or bag of chips or tempted to skip your workout, ask yourself…can I afford this debt? Will I be able to pay it off?

If you feel like you need extra help, accountability and support I encourage you to contact me. I would love to help support your health and fitness journey.


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