Change Up Your Workouts and Move of the Day

I was so sore today I was tempted to skip my workout. But you know what? That would have actually delayed my progress. By following through with my program the soreness actually goes away faster. Often times when we get sore we take a break, but then the soreness last even longer, or worse, we don’t start back up again. I make sure to work through the soreness and just keep going. Of course, this is not referring an actual injury.

Another mistake we make is not trying something new. We continue to do the same program, day after day, which leads to boredom. What happens when we are bored? We quit. I personally do a program from beginning to end and then start a different one. This helps me to feel accomplished and I NEVER get bored.

Check out this video where talk I about these points in greater detail. Also, check out the move of the day that comes at the end. It is one of the moves from my current program, Core De Force. Can you do it? I would love to hear how many you did. Post how many in the comments below.

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, send me a message and I can give you all of the details about my next challenge group.

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