Habits the Key to Losing Weight

Did you know that one of if the biggest keys to losing weight and staying healthy are all about the HABIT!

Until we change our routine enough that it becomes habit…no matter what comes up during the day…. we will NEVER succeed long term.

If you feel like every diet you have tried has failed you, it’s may not be the diet. It is your follow through and long-term commitment with the plan.

Unfortunately, habits are not something taught to us in the latest diet book. In fact, we are so focused on the promise to lose weight fast that we lose sight of learning how to live healthy long-term.

How long does it take to form a habit?

Doing something for two days, a week or maybe even a month does not mean that is not a habit.

You know you have formed a habit when you are consistently doing something, so much so, that it’s to the point that you don’t even need to think about it anymore, it is simply what you do.

So don’t put a time cap on how long it should take you to form a valuable lifelong habit. The goal is to keep working on it and tweaking it where the need may be. It needs to be a reasonable habit goal that will work with your lifestyle in order to be long-lasting.

If you can conquer your habits, you can see results with ANY program

It doesn’t matter the diet and it doesn’t matter the workout.

People gain and lose weight on Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, vegan, Beachbody and so on….

However, conquer your habits and you will not only lose weight on these programs but you will finally keep it off. Great news huh?


So how can we form good habits?

Make a list of all the healthy habits you should be doing consistently.  Water, sleep, not eating after 7, moving at least 30 minutes a day, giving up gluten…etc. Anything that you see holding you back.

Pick one habit you would like to work on and ideally tackle it before you move to the next. I would say a week is a good time frame and then if you feel ready you can add on another habit to work on.

The habit will by no means be perfect at this point, but it will be solid enough to add on another habit. If it isn’t and you are really struggling, look at the habit and make sure it is reasonable, if it is, keep working on it, if not, tweak it a bit.

No need for perfection

Life isn’t perfect and the habit never will be either but if you have days where you don’t follow through with your habit and you naturally go back to it the next day, you know you have conquered the habit. And let me tell you, there is such a freedom that comes with healthy habits.

Action step…

Pick one habit you would like to conquer this week and commit to it. If you need ideas shoot me a message.

If you need help with and want support I encourage you to join my FREE health and wellness support group.

In reality, we all know how to lose weight we just don’t always follow through and that’s often why people hire a health coach or join a wellness group, or find an accountability partner.

Please ‘comment’ below what habit you would like to conquer first.

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Danielle MacInnes

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