How Busy Moms Lose Weight

Look at that lady over there. You see the one with two small kids? You know, the skinny one with perfect skin? She must have it so easy. She must not have to work and just meal plans and exercises all day. Heck, maybe she even has a nanny.

Um, no! I hate to break it to you, but you see that well taken care of mom over there? She has one thing you don’t have. Healthy habits.¬†

Now maybe she doesn’t have to work, maybe she even has a nanny, but that has nothing to do with it. If you start to look around you will start to notice what I am talking about.

YOU Can Form Good Habits

The good news? YOU can be healthy just like them! You just have to start to develop new habits. “New habits” does not mean waking up Monday morning and starting a new exercise and diet routine. It means taking a good look at yourself to see which habits are holding you back.

In the evening do you watch tv? How much? Could you start to limit it and maybe spend a little time doing something for your health? It may be hard at first, but eventually it will become a habit. Really. I promise!

Form New Habits Step by Step
  1. Do some serious sole searching and decide what your worst habit is or what you would like to work on first.
  2. Find a way to start changing that habit.
  3. Have an Anchor to remind you of this new habit.
  4. Reward yourself.

Example of These Steps In Action

  1. Habit I want to change: No more going through the drive through when I am in a rush.
  2. The plan: ¬†Instead of binge watching 3 hours of tv at night I will plan prepare tomorrow’s food.
  3. Hang a picture of your kids next to the TV as a positive reminder of why you are making these changes. When you see that picture you know you need to start prepping and planning.
  4. When the prepping and planning is done, then and only then, allow yourself an hour of tv time.

Everyone can form amazing new habits, but we have to take off the rose colored glasses to be able to do it. If you would like help forming a new habit and need a strategic plan, contact me or schedule an appointment and I will help you set up a plan to conquer that first bad habit at no charge. Plus, I will give you a free 60 minute consultation to help you discover what is holding you back.

The biggest mistake busy moms make is being to afraid to invest in themselves. Maybe it is time for you to invest in yourself, your health and in turn be a stronger mom for your kids.

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