Overcoming My Fast Food Habits

Did she say she likes fast food?

What? Yeah I said it. I know how bad fast food is for us and yet I still struggle to resist the urge to eat it. Can you relate?

I used to deny that I liked it and “pretend” that I only ate it on the rare occasion when I was forced at gunpoint. Haha! But recently as part of my health transformation I have come to terms with the fact that…wait for it…I like it!

I am not proud of this but I could be ashamed and eat it privately, but we all know what that leads to. Weight gain and it so not ! By being honest with my struggle I am able to deal with it.

Three tips

So as much as I like it, there are some tricks I have learned to help me resist it or at least eat it WAY less often:

  1. I try and have easily accessible food ready at home so that when hunger strikes and I am busy I have something ready to go. I even keep things like lean chicken sausages, deli meats, and a large salad prepared and ready to go, this has saved me many times.
  2. I always make sure to have a healthy snack on hand for when hunger strikes. I really like RXbars, Larabars and mixed nuts. They are easy to throw in your purse and have on hand.
  3. I also keep a list of “better” options for those times when I do “need” to get fast food or am having an irresistible craving for it.

When I do lose control, so to speak, and go through a drive thru for that greasy bag of food that is just so bad for us, I enjoy it and move on! I don’t beat myself up for weeks to come either. I do however pay attention to how gross it makes me feel. Then when mood strikes again I try and remember that nasty feeling and hope it it empowers me to skip it or at least make a better choice.

Do you struggle with this same problem? I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me if like me you could use extra support.

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