Meal Prepping Made EASY!

We hear again and again that meal planning and prepping is the key to healthy eating. Right?

Well that is very true but if you are like me, knowing how important it is doesn’t make it any easier.  My personal health coach and I have been working through various methods to help follow through with this, but with no success.

But then finally a couple of weeks ago we stumbled across the solution. Finally I have found something that works and it is so simple.

How I Meal Plan

Well essentially I don’t. Haha! I have a few basic go to meals for breakfast and lunch and I have them printed out and hanging on the fridge. I make sure to keep the stuff needed for these meals stocked in the fridge.  Easy enough.

The next part of this plan was the KEY to my success. I now take 10 minutes before breakfast and lunch to prepare for that meal. The part about this that makes it work so well is that setting aside that 10 minutes is so much easier for me then spending maybe three hours once a week preparing food. Plus, I may not be in the mood for what I prepared a couple of days later. And let’s not forget, once fruits and veggies are chopped up they start to lose nutritional value. Um, no thank you!

One thing that I have loved is that it forces me to slow down and take a much needed break from my hectic schedule. Now if you don’t work from home, I realize this wouldn’t work quite the same, but you can still make it work. Get up 20 minutes earlier then usual or take 20 minutes and prepare for these meals the night before. I promise, it will change so much of your planning ahead problem.

Now you may be wondering about supper. I put my meals for the week ahead in my google calendar and just make sure to defrost any needed items the night before or take it out first thing in the am. Then when supper rolls around it’s a no brainer. You could even meal prep for supper when you do your breakfast and lunch prep. The options are limitless. The key is to find out what works for you and more importantly what you will stick with.

Happy planning and please comment below on how you personally meal prep.

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