My 14 Day Reset Cleanse Journey

It is not a quick fix

First of all, I have to say before I go any further,  if you are interested in this cleanse, don’t do it because you are desperate to drop some quick pounds or want to lose weight because you are having a bad moment, bad week or are upset after trying on swimsuits. Why? Because then you are just looking for another “quick fix” gimmick diet and that is a waste of your time.

Do this cleanse if you want to feel better, have more energy, restart your system, and get into some better habits. Yes, you probably will lose a little bit of weight, but you need to have your mind in the right place in order for this to benefit you the most.

So here’s my story

Day one and two of the cleanse.

Upon waking, I realized right away that I was supposed to have my warm lemon water, followed by a flax cocktail and then you’re supposed to move your body, breathe, exercise or do your belly massage.

I must admit, I wasn’t quite ready to have all of that against me first thing in the morning. Normally all I do is nurture a cup of coffee and stare at my tablet. But I jumped right in, checked my detox list and got on track. Before I knew it I was running to the bathroom, it really, really gets your system moving!

As part of the detox, there is NO coffee. I missed my coffee and when I say missed I cannot express how much I missed it, but it was more of the routine that I missed, rather than the fact that I wasn’t having the caffeine. For the first day or two, I had some mild headaches, but they quickly subsided. As the week progressed I found that I was pretty comforted with a cup of tea rather than having that morning cup of coffee. Now, to be honest, I did go back to having coffee after the detox, but I realized I really don’t need to have as much of it during the day.

The first two days I was also quite full because of such healthy whole foods, it just kept me really, really satisfied. I would have to remind myself it was time for my next meal, otherwise, I would forget to eat for hours.

By the end of day two I was in a routine and had it down when I was a supposed to be drinking my tea when I was supposed to be having my lemon water, flaxseed cocktails, and it was easy to quit eating by 7 PM every night. Actually, I rather enjoyed that part of it. That was one habit I had really gotten out of.  I also loved getting into the habit of going to bed at 10 PM. It was really nice to snuggle in with the hubby since that’s when he usually goes to bed. So the detox was great for my body and great for my marriage.

I found my biggest struggles were just remembering to eat (totally out of character for me) because once again, I stayed pretty full the whole time. It was also hard to change habits like going to Subway when I was having a busy day. It really taught me that I was able to make healthy meals with whole foods from home and it didn’t take very long once I got into the habit.

The biggest struggles

I did struggle a little bit to get the belly massage in every day. There were also two times during the week where I did eat after 7 PM, simply because I didn’t realize what time it was and at that point, I decided to eat my supper and enjoy it, rather than going to bed hungry. But these were honestly the only issues I had during the week.

The best part of the week

My favorite part of the week was the mental clarity that I got from properly nourishing my body and cleaning it out. My head was so clear and so focused most days. Before the cleanse I would walk around in a fog and with this, there was NO fog. It was almost like a whole new person or the Carry from 20 years ago. To top it off, if that wasn’t enough, my energy soared through the roof. I am talking more energy than I knew what to do with.

I’ve been trying to get back into running (it’s been a real struggle) and I actually did an amazing run at the end of the week during the detox. I have never done a cleanse or a detox where I wasn’t absolutely exhausted most days, this was completely different. So as you can see I felt great during the cleanse. Complete clarity, mental focus, CRAZY energy and a nice flat belly. Yay! Bye bye bloating. I lost 3 pounds during the detox, my jeans started to fit better, and my skin looked radiant.

I will do this cleanse every 3 months or so. The food was amazing and it’s food that will stay stocked in my fridge because it was a no-brainer, easy to prepare and tasty. Totally key for me to keep eating it.

I probably won’t do the flax cocktail every day. LOL! But I will try and drink a glass of warm lemon water at least a couple of times a week because it was really good for my digestion. Plus, I will continue to drink the detox tea, the smooth move and some of the other teas I was drinking during the detox. I found this one called Tecchino tea, it tastes almost like a coffee but has no caffeine. I will not drink decaf coffee since it is chemically treated and really not good for you.  I’m thinking that for most days, rather than my afternoon coffee, that’s gonna be my new go to.

Should you try this detox?

Who would I suggest try this detox? It would be anybody who is new to cleansing or has struggled with cleanses before (like me), but also those who have done several cleanses in the past and is looking for a gentler, easier cleanse.

To sum up

I can tell you in the future I wouldn’t think twice about doing this detox just for the 7 days or maybe even five days during the week so that I don’t have to stress on the weekends. My suggestion is to anybody who decides they want to try this one, is to do it for all the full schedule of 14 days, especially if you don’t know what foods you may be intolerant of. Then in the future, you can adjust the schedule.

Another difference with this detox is that I only offer it with my coaching services. The reason is you need a coach to help support you and get you through it. If you’re looking for just something quick, easy and free to do, you can Google anything on the Internet and find lots of free resources. I only require one phone appointment during the cleanse, so it is not a huge commitment, but it will help give you a “mini’ transformation during the cleanse period.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with me if you would like to learn more about this detox or my 90-day Total Transformation designed to help women who are STUCK when it comes to losing weight.

I DO NOT put you on a diet. I teach you lifelong habits changes and we work on the inner you to find what is truly holding you back. It is all about you!

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