Ten Ways to Get Back on Track

We all lose focus sometimes and that is a normal part of life. But we don’t have to completely derail ourselves when life throws us a curve ball.

Here are ten tips to get you back on track

  1. RECOMMIT: Remember why you wanted to make the change and START NOW by recommitting.
  2. DRINK WATER like it’s your job: Water is so important for so many reasons and a healthy body and lifestyle require sufficient water intake. Guzzle away!
  3. PLAN each meal: Don’t like to meal plan? Have at least a general idea of what you will eat at your next meal and take time to it. It doesn’t need to be fancy but it does need to be well balanced.
  4. EAT: Don’t make up for overeating by NOT eating
  5. REVISIT your food journal and repeat a good week: Don’t keep a food journal? Focus on eating only whole foods prepared from scratch. Skip the processed foods.
  6. REMIND yourself how far you’ve come: Focus on what you achieved and not what you “wish” you had achieved. Keep moving forward and appreciate every small win. 
  7. MOVE: Don’t overthink your workouts. Just do them! Find something you love and go with it. Still struggle to stick with it? Recruit an accountability partner. Even a daily check in with a body with help you to follow through
  8. DON’T let a bad week turn into a bad month: LET IT GO!
  9. VEGETABLES are your friends: Make sure to include a veggie at EVERY meal. Proper nutrients keep you satisfied a longer.
  10. REPEAT this tomorrow: Yep, get back up and do this tomorrow. 

In no time you will be feeling great and looking great!

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