Top 3 Tips to Stay Focused


I read a great post today from John Lee Dumas and here is what he said:

“Every – single – day we’re given a choice: to practice discipline and focus, and therefore be productive and make progress…”

I apply this to running my businesses and my workouts. I have serious focus issues and I mean serious! But that is where the discipline comes in. Here are some tips to stay focused with your business:

  1. Set a timer – Set a timer and don’t let allow anything to distract you until the timer is up.
  2. Find a quiet space– Find a quiet space to work in where there are no distractions.
  3. Pick your priorities– Pick the three most important things that MUST get done to grow your business. Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished and then circle the top 3.

We need discipline and focus in ALL aspects of our lives to stay focused, but if you are trying to grow a business then you need to learn to stay focused and on task or you will NOT grow.

You can also apply this to your health and fitness journey. Here are some tips to stay focused and disciplined to see results with your program:

  1. Mark the time and date on a calendar – Schedule the day and time of your workouts for the entire week. Treat this like any other important appointment on your calendar and don’t allow anything to get in the way.
  2. Choose a practical workout spot – It is best to have a predesignated spot where you will work out. If you are working out at home make sure the area is kept clean and ready to go so you are able to get in and get out with your workout.
  3. Get support– Let your family and friends know how important it is to you to follow through with your program.This way they will be able to support you and help you accomplish your goals. You can’t do it alone! If you need an accountability partner or a support system contact me and let me know what your goals are. I specialize in 90 transformations that will not only help you become the healthiest version of you possible, but help you have complete clarity in your life.

What is your biggest struggle with focus?

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