Why it is Crucial to Exercise

Exercise Makes ALL the Difference

So many of you know my story, my JOURNEY and why I find it crucial to workout.

Here is what I looked like when I ate fast food and my workouts consisted of walking to the car to go get the fast food. I was in really rough shape. REALLY rough shape.

Even though it took weight loss surgery to lose initial chunk (hardest decision of my life an NOT the easy way out) I found fitness to maintain my weight loss and feel good. I had to work my butt off to take the rest of the weight off and I WORK my butt off to maintain the weight loss.

Now I still get fast food sometimes, I still buy junk food sometimes, but the key is SOMETIMES. I am worth more and my body deserves to be nourished.

I went from struggling to walk a mile to being able to do high impact workouts.

I am so grateful to have found a solution that helps me to stay on the right path and when I struggle, to get me back on the right path.

It is no longer about me. It is about sharing my journey to help others….no matter what people think.

I would love to hear your story. Feel free to contact me and share your story.

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